About Us Greeting



BLnC is a specialized company in the research and manufacturing of cosmetics.

BLnC stands for Beauty Leader & Cosmetics, which means that the company will research and develop cosmetics prescriptions that lead to beauty.

CEO has built up research and technical careers for more than 30 years in large corporations and SMEs, and based on the overall experience of cosmetics, the company was estab lished in March 2014.

CEO has various and rich knowledge and field know-how about cosmetics research and technology (Degree: Ph.D. in Chemistry, Master: Chemistry, Undergraduate: Chemical Engineering, writing 5 books on cosmetics)

Currently, the company has all cosmetics manufacturing and quality control facilities, and has launched 2 items under the AZWIT brand based on patented cosmetics technology and know-how.

Based on the experience, the company will continue to release specialized products that consumers want.